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Smashwords Summer Sale!

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The Smashwords Summer Sale is on, and lasts until July 31st. My books are either half off, or FREE. Just use the coupon code at each link.

Among the free books are Starblade. So if you have not jumped in on the Neo-human series, you can begin there.



Free Ebook! Demons That Do Not Rest

March 15, 2013 2 comments


Sharr Khan founder of the Falcanians at long last has all that he ever dreamed made real, but there are yet demons which continue to haunt the Shotar as he ascends to new-found power and glory.

This is actually a reissue of a very short story I had out long ago. I’ve reedited it a bit to bring it in-line with the current Neo-human canon and included my glossary to make it be an easy entryway into the Neo-human ‘verse.




Update: Free Ebooks/Smashwords Summer Sale

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Update: All my books, but one, now have a FREE coupon code, for the Smashwords Summer Sale. Go take a look, find something for your ereader!



A Giveaway: On the Forge of War & The First Technomancer










Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: JG88H
Expires: June 10, 2012


The First Technomancer










Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: XB34Z
Expires: June 10, 2012


The contest didn’t go smashingly well… no one played, and here I thought I came up with some challenging questions.  I figure a straight giveaway might go better. So with these coupon codes, you can pick up your free copies of On the Forge of War, and The First Technomancer over at Smashwords.




Smashwords, Read An Ebook Week!

All my books are listed as “Free” for Smashword’s read an ebook week. Just use the coupon code at each ebook link when you checkout to get your free ebook. Have fun, and good reading!

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