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Hey! You Know What’s Easier to Manage… ?

April 17, 2014 5 comments

Hey! You Know What’s Easier to Manage…

My old Blogger, blogs!

No really. I’ve just been working on my Roadrunner Books (Store) blog, because, I am fairly sure the static site is all but cloaked on the net these days, where blogs are what count as websites these days and it hit me, the relative ease with which I was able to go back and edit posts or post to begin with.

Partly I’d chosen Blogger for the Roadrunner Books page was that you’re able to do some stuff with HTML that you can’t on a hosted WordPress blog. Also, I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I was finding Blogger much more fun.

OK I have not made up my mind but I think I might repatriate my original The Falcon’s Crag blog, which I’m doing some cosmetic updates on at the moment.  You’ll notice its way more customized than The Raptor’s Claw – TFC is the blog I began on when I started down the Indie Author road… So there’s some nostalgia there.

In any event. I’m finding the interface way easier to handle currently compared to WordPress… Though I still hate Google and Google +!


The Arcadia








Space Pirate Captain Harlock‘s, space battleship Arcadia. There are a few variations on it. One is blue without the skull and crossbones, and another has a huge blade under the prow.

This is what I kind of like my space ships to look like.

The Ghost Of Optimus Prime…



So, are we to infer that the new series will simply be titled: Transformers? Note, the original series was titled THE Transformers – Which actually is a fact I’d forgotten, having always simply referred to it as  Transformers.

Looks like the action will take place mainly on Cybertron.

Ah yes, anyone who has seen Predacons Rising, the series ending of Transformers: Prime is aware that Optimus sacrificed himself in order to keep the AllSpark away from Unicron and return it to the Well of AllSparks. Looks as if he will be whispering in Bumblebee’s ear from time to time — And I’d not be surprised if he returns materially at some point either.

Oh an artist on the series says:

Matthew Humphreys wrote:

Transformers 2015

I can’t say much because you know the reasons. But I just feel the need to say that with our new show being announced the artwork shown on various sites is NOT a good representation of what the designs look like fully fleshed out. The new show looks amazing and I’m having a ton of fun working on it and I hope everyone watches when it comes out.



New Transformers Series for 2015

March 18, 2014 1 comment


Your new leader-class, Bumblebee! With Will Friedle as his voice.

 The Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families entertainment they can watch together, announced today that a new animated series is currently in production for the globally renowned TRANSFORMERS brand. Set to debut in early 2015, the new action-packed series is being produced by Hasbro Studios, the production and distribution division of Hasbro, Inc., and is executive produced by Jeff Kline (“Transformers Prime,” “G.I. Joe Renegades”).

Taking place years after the battle between Autobots and Decepticons in “Transformers Prime,” this all new series centers around our hero Bumblebee stepping up to lead a brand new team of Autobots. The show features an all-star cast with Will Friedle (“Boy Meets World”) returning as Bumblebee, along with Darren Criss (“Glee”), Constance Zimmer (“House of Cards”) and Ted McGinley (“Married with Children”). Blending 3D characters with hand-painted environments, the series mixes action-packed adventure with lots of comedy, making it a rip-roaring experience for kids and families to enjoy together.

This is a big year as the TRANSFORMERS brand celebrates its 30th anniversary. The Hub Network will also be celebrating the success of the franchise with special events to be announced later this year.

When they say years later, I hope they mean within the lifespan of Jack, Miko, and Raf. I’d really like to see ‘the kids’ as adults, with their own children getting into Cybertronian trouble!

Yup. I can see Jack Darby as a special agent, along with his — WIFE Miko and their best friend, Raf working along aside a  Director Bill Fowler. Am I perhaps thinking too big? In any event, I would think the point of keeping it in the same continuity, is so they can reference past events and bring past characters back into the mix.

And in case you have not noticed, I’m as big a Transformers fan, as I am a Star Trek fan.




The impending threat.

These guys don’t make an appearance for some time yet in the Neo-human series… Well, OK that’s not strictly true. I think (THINK!) we might run across one in the follow-up story to Synthetic, Electric Romance — But at this stage I am really just contemplating the details of that story and all I know for sure is that it takes place on a starliner, and that there is a good chance Leonardo da Vinci will be showing up…

What I do know about these Shang’kla, though frail looking, they’re also dangerous to all established civilization within the Neo-human ‘Verse.

757-Brunanburh Cannon…

757-Brunanburh Cannon aka Silas Cumberbatch's Cannon - Prime

757-Brunanburh Cannon, aka Baron Silas Cumberbatch‘s gun.

Manufactured by Grenadier Firearms.

Phoenix Armor – Reworked Chestplate…

February 26, 2014 2 comments

Phoenix Armor - Chestplate

Ok I reworked the chestplate/vest slightly. Now it looks more as if it covers the whole torso. I really hated the kup-thingy I made. I’ll be posting all the pieces on my Neo-human wiki and shall update this post with a direct link to it.

One of the things I worried about with this color scheme, it might have ended up looking like Bumblebee from Transformers. Though that’s why I went with gunmetal instead of pure black.

UPDATE: Vril, Elite Guard — Phoenix Armor. On the Neo-human wiki. I’ll probably be adding more parts, such as a weapons belt/sling sort of thing. And I might possibly do a new version of all the parts in one picture. Though not arranged as if they’re on a person. Just an aggregate.