3-Minutes To Midnight…


Blood gathered slick, on golden tiles.

Nadia wept. Tears poured out of bright-blue, Morningstar eyes. Cried out.“NO!” Choked. “Why wasn’t I here?” Sobbed. “Both men in my life, gunned down.” High-resolution in Nadia’s positronic brain, a memory recurred. “Only if I’d been closer…” Her bottom lip trembled. “My bulletproof flesh could have shielded Turhan.” She did get to mete out vengeance upon her Father’s murderer. There, in Numai’s crowded marketplace, Nadia had crushed his skull. “Now this…”

The Queen’s fingertips dipped into warm blood.

Unbound, Nadia got up, braced to strike!

Arc of silver flashed…

“STOP!” Frederika pleaded. Jumped to her feet, grabbed hold of Nadia and the curved blade she’d removed from the fallen one’s belt. Dead before he hit the floor. A rumbler projectile lacerated his heart. Hence the massive hemorrhaging of blood. “Not like this.” The Valküri restrained a sob. “Not here.” Struggled with her own tears. Feared what slaughter she herself could loose. “Let us not mix his blood, und that of this abhorrence.”

Nadia and Frederika, Morningstars both, could, effortless pulverize his killer bare-handed. Reduce her to an unrecognizable mass of organic sludge. Yet, Frederika’s relative composure won out. For now. A reckoning would be allotted.

The clock chimed midnight, January 1st 2035.

This is the opening for Neo-human book #3, Forward, Unto the Stars.

Technically this is a prologue, but I’m calling it 3-Mintutes To Midnight…, which is sort of a homage to Watchmen but also meant to indicate forward movement, impending doom, and that nothing will be the same by the end of this book.

Artistically there will be an epigraph, [pagebreak] this “prologue” [pagebreak] and then Chapter 1.  which will contain its own epigraph. You get the idea.


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  1. July 27, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Excellent writing, as usual.

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