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Countdown To Darkness #3 Preview!


Lt. Sulu and “Cupcake” are held hostage by the Shadows.


You know, I don’t think Kirk and Robert April exactly like one another…


So, there’s a female, Bajoran Mudd! Who makes sure to tell Kirk, she’s single and apparently looking… she’s also in league with Robert April. I wonder if she’s in the movie? Oh the very fact they’ve gone and pulled a Kara ‘Starbuck Thrace here and reimagined this character could be a tell in and of itself — They’ve mentioned that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s role was tailored for him… Lets also remember they were looking at Hispanic actors originally. Until they went, to many peoples surprise with the very British Cumberbatch.




Kirk and Uhura have a heart to heart about Spock‘s seeming death wish. They mention The Galileo Seven, which also took place in this timeline, the regular ongoing series of this comic book.


OK no spoilers really in the preview. And at least Benedict Cumberbatch secret does not get revealed. But as I posted a few days ago, I am skeptical that will take place in this comic book in any event. Not with the super top-secret manner they’re protecting it and how Damon Lindorf made a point  to say we need to learn “John Harrison’s” secret the same way that Kirk and Spock do. Which one can guess won’t be the pages of a comic book – But on the silver screen.

  1. March 18, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    Testing… (mic squeal)… well, this is always fascinating. Off-topic entirely, I find myself overwhelmed by trying to do far too much for far too long, and so among many other things, I’ve decided to stay with short fiction at most and even then my venture in that direction (unless and until my need for “fantasy as play” demands it) henceforth will be limited. And as you may have noticed, the blog by me that you were following is now gone. When I decide to take the hatchet to my too-numerous creative activities, I’m ruthless.

    But I hope to see this juggernaut of a film at least once, if only to find out firsthand who this egomaniac of a supervillain is. ;)

    • March 18, 2013 at 7:54 pm

      I’ll be right there with you John! ;)

      Yes I can understand being overwhelmed with creative endeavors. I do wish you well in all you do!

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