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Former Captain Of A Starship Named Enterprise…

ImageFormer Captain Of A Starship Named Enterprise

I just can’t get past that phrasing. Robert April could have easily said “Former captain of the Enterprise” which would have clearly meant the vessel James Kirk is now in command of, and Christopher Pike right before him.

To me that is a tell he’s talking about another starship named Enterprise and not the vessel we know from the alternate universe – Which following the timeline established, only launched on the very day that Vulcan died in Nero‘s attack.

And the more I’m looking at the image, the more I’m seeing Peter Weller in it, though that could just be my mind. However most of the other pictures bear a good resemblance to the actors who are playing the roles.

And then there’s this: Cumberbatch Confirmed as Khan? So Who’s Robert April?

I’m now of the opinion, it is Robert April who revives Khan, and somehow this is all tangled up with the Klingon Empire. Perhaps Robert April and Khan Noonien Singh are using Kronos as their home base? Probably in exchange for more augment science – Because we know via Enterprise, the Klingons really want to build super warriors.

Addendum: For the benefit of my readers, I’m linking Trekmovie.com’s original confirmation of Khan Noondien Singh as Star Trek Into Darkness’s villain.  As I’ve stated often, Anthony Pascale has not backtracked on any of this, which is a major reason why I have clung to my own “Its Khan” (that and the cyro-tubes which is currently the strongest support for Khan‘s involvement) even after Paramount calling the villain “John Harrison” came out. Its all smoke and mirrors, and Anthony Pascale is one of the persons holding a mirror in Abrams marketing plan.

  1. February 22, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    I agree that April is Peter Weller’s character; they just look too alike to me.

    As for “John Harrison” being Khan… I don’t feel he is. I think there could be a link between Harrison and Khan, but they aren’t the same man.

    And the inner geek in me asks… If Khan is indeed being released into this alternate reality, what does Spock Prime have to say about it? Did Spock Prime tell Starfleet all he knows about his reality? He seemed to be pretty open with alternate Kirk and alternate Scotty (transwarp beaming, anyone?), and the temporal prime directive didn’t seem to apply…

    • February 22, 2013 at 10:49 pm

      In point of fact, Trekmovie confirmed along with the Khan bit, way back when it flew across the media Spock Prime being in the film. So I am betting he makes an appearance to help straighten some of this out.

      I do wonder what Spock Prime did tell the Federation. He might risk undoing some important, dare I say needed encounters by warning them before then take place.

      And do remember those cryotubes in the trailer…

      To meddle, or not to meddle, remains the question.

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