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The Secrets Of “John Harrison”

The Villian - Star Trek Into Darkness

Because, you know I haven’t done a Star Trek Into Darkness post in a few days LOL! ;)

I’m not going to hammer you over the head much more with the obvious here. A little looking around the internet and you begin to realize there’s an open secret about “John Harrison‘s” true identity as Khan Noonian Singh… At least to those paying attention and not taking anyone involved with the movie at face value.

Let me put it this way. Three sources of people or individuals know for sure, and are simply holding back: JJ Abrams and all the cast and crew who worked on Star Trek Into Darkness, Alan Dean Foster who is writing the novelisation, and Anthony Pascale, who runs Trekmovie.com, who I am convinced has been sworn to secrecy on the matter.

Trekmovie.com is an interesting beast, though its a “fan site” during the production of the first movie it served to be a source which “legitimized” what JJ Abrams was doing to Star Trek, but made it easier for diehard Star Trek fans to buy into. Look, I’m not saying Trekmovie is just another arm of Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams – I’m simply saying Abrams and Robert Orci took the opportunity to utilize the emergence of this fan site to reach out directly to the hardcore Trekkies, while also extending their marketing tactics.

So in my search around the web for details, some I may have missed regarding Star Trek Into Darkness I found this at Screenrant. You’ve already seen the picture, it’s from the second trailer, but I do find it interesting how its been named.


What’s that? “augments-frozen” says the image tag. Augments… You mean like Khan? No kidding. A number of websites, among them Trekmovie.com and Screenrant got a behind the scenes tour of Bad Robot, JJ Abrams company in relation to Star Trek Into Darkness. Though they were permitted talk about the tour, to an extent, there were a few things that they were asked not to talk about. One of them “very cool”. Not sure that means they are referring to the freezer tubes…  Though I think they know they are hibernation tubes for an extended, pre-warp space flight…

But I am saying for one of these websites to go out on a limb and label a screen shot of the newest trailer this way tells me they know more than they’re allowed to let onto, even though it’s not all that much of a secret.

  1. December 22, 2012 at 1:04 am

    Saw the trailer again last night before The Hobbit. Same trailer of course, but was cool to see it “big” ;)

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