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Of Androids, Clones, And Morningstars…

Crystal structure of parallel quadruplexes fro...

I’m trying my best to communicate the notion that Morningstars are not just glorified clones. Why am I on this kick? Well see, I do have an actual clone in the books and I started asking myself what makes a Morningstar different from a clone? I came to the conclusion that the substance, that is to say, the material of which they were fashioned would need to distinct and entirely synthetic, none animal in origin. A clone of course would just be fashioned out of  grade-A human DNA, where as a Morningstar… well many of you are just going to have to wait until “Among Bright Stars… ” to come out for the details.

I now have a very good notion of what a Morningstar is built out of, and have been trying to make it clear how they are not just humans with “maximized DNA”. See, with a Falcanian once you’ve been told they have wings, a tail, and pointed ears the reader pretty much catches onto the fact they’re not human, even if they originated as humans. Morningstars on the other hand look human for the most part. The important part is that the substance, the clay if you will which they were molded out of is what differentiates them from regular humans.



  1. December 10, 2012 at 1:57 am

    If it helps any, I got that from the first book – the morningstars are “engineered” – ie – completely put together, built from scratch, if you will, while clones are just copies :)

    • December 10, 2012 at 2:02 am

      I did make sure to hammer it a bit more in my retitled revision – Which I also retitled because it got damn confusing whenever I went to publish something and they all started with the same words…

      I’m also trying to blur the line between “robotics” and genetics here. A point which really does get hammered in book 2. Though you’ve been seeing selected outtakes, so you have a leg up Joleene. ;)

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