Cam Girl Jessica Wilde

Here’s a webcam model that has really made a great transition to being a general social media star. Jessica Wilde is the kind of cam girl I wish I had more of in my studio. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she’s really funny and likeable. She has this way of really coming through as genuine and real. She’s from Canada, which is a huge plus, in my book (I’ve been wanting to move to Vancouver for years), and she’s got that super cute canuck accent that a lot of people love. She’s the total package, as far as I’m concerned.


Mukbang Hottie

Okay, so Mukbang is becoming really popular on Youtube, and a lot of really hot girls are getting into it. This particular cutie, Meesh LA, is one of my favorites right now. Not only is she hot, but she seems to have exactly my taste in food because I’ve never seen her eat anything I didn’t drool over. If you don’t know what it is, Mukbang is watching people eat on cam or video.

It’s huge on Youtube now, like I said, but it’s also popular in the cam girl world. As a webcam model, I’ve done a few mukbang shows and they were a lot of fun. People even will tip you for just eating the food, I shit you not.

After doing some Mukbang shows myself, I started to advise the cam models in my webcam studio to do some eating shows too. For the most part, the experiment has gone well, though some cam girls just don’t know how to eat and be interesting at the same time. So not for everyone, but definitely a cool new phenomenon in the world of online entertainment.