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Sunday Surprise

March 30, 2014 1 comment

Rodney C. Johnson:

Nice, Joleene! This is a really good idea!

Originally posted on creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator):

… and it’s a guest! Another leg of her blog tour… please welcome Amaranthine author Joleene Naylor and – erm – her guest! :)

blog tour bannerHello! Joleene Naylor here, the author of Children of Shadows, book six in the Amaranthine series. First I’d like to thank Barb for letting us hang out on her blog today. Hopefully we don’t make a mess.

I’m here with Jorick, the hero of my vampire series. Although he looks unenthusiastic, I promise you he’s really excited. Just look at that face:

Jorick (insert Barb drooling over him here)

Jorick (insert Barb drooling over him here)

See? It has excitement written all over it.

Jorick: The only thing I’m excited about is the potential break between books.

Jo: Why? Thanks to my real life problems, you already got an extra five months between the last book and Children of Shadows.

Jorick: And you made up for it by torturing us, didn’t you?

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Synthetic, Electirc Romance by Rodney C. Johnson

February 26, 2014 25 comments

Rodney C. Johnson:

I do not usually blow my own horn. But this is really a favorite story of mine. So I have to share this.

Originally posted on Jo's Random Book Reviews:

Jack the Ripper meets robots. Or more accurately synthetic life.

Sarina is a Morningstar, a kind of synthetic life form, who’s in love with what is essentially a mobile tank unit. But Cylus is more than an old weapon. When he was struck by lightning he developed a consciousness and has been ruled a valid life form by those in power on Gear. He and Sarina lead a peaceful life until fembots start disappearing. Whether by fate or accident (Morningstars don’t believe in accidents), Sarina observes some suspicious characters in a dark part of the city. Could they be responsible.

This was a fun, twisty turny novella that kept me guessing. Though it is part of the Neo Human universe, I think you could read this without having read the other books, as there is a list of characters and important “concepts” in the back. But, for fans of the…

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Roadrunner Books

Now you can buy my books, more directly from ME.

I might even make editions just for Selz,com itself. I should upload .zip files with different formats – But I fear people will be less inclined to buy a .zip file given you can never be sure what is inside it. For the moment, all books are in epub format.

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Kalis Mekhos

October 5, 2013 2 comments

Sarina glanced over her shoulder. A group of regulars strode in, richly appareled in rakish suits and hats. They were Kalis Mekhos. ‘Of the Machine‘ is how those in the Syndicate referred to the organization. Translated literally however, it meant ‘good means‘. You went to Kalis Mekhos when you wanted something done, but were not disposed to involve the government. A vestige of the black market hatched during the Exodus. “Vladimir Archeron,” she chided. “Its gentlemanly for a man to remove his hat indoors.”


From my latest work. Which should be out sometime in November.


Sharr Khan, And His Morningstar Dolls…


Yes, Sharr Khan is making a habit of finding and romancing, not to mention reproducing with Morningstar women.

First Nadia, the original Morningstar (well not exactly. But that’s a story for another day… ) and later of course he becomes enraptured by Frederika.

Those who have been reading Among Bright Stars…, probably think he’s going end up getting Natalia Antaras (that’s supposed to be her in the blog image) as well, by book 3. Technically he has already ‘gotten her’ and yes this leads to some chaos in the first act of Forward, Unto the Stars!

OK. How many think Sharr and Nadia are the Bill and Hillary Clinton of science fiction? Come on, I know someone’s thinking it. That is not intentional if that is the impression being made.

Nadia would scoff at such a comparison (now there’s irony, given what rumor says Hillary thinks about such comparisons to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin marriage…), as of course, both she and Sharr Khan’s goals in life are worlds apart from the Clintons. Neither does Nadia have political aspirations – Some might not agree. The Queen would say, she prefers to be on the sidelines, nudging things and not in direct control.

Imperial Apartments, Floor Plan…



So, these are the floor plans for Shotar Sharr Khan Drakonis, and his wife, Queen Nadia‘s apartments located in the apex of Narshin Thryak Palace. Sharr Khan‘s ‘lair’ has a few more details since I spend a great deal of time writing about it. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever written a scene in Nadia‘s room.

What caused me to take time and draw this? My upcoming FREEBIE, Kitana. I was given an opportunity to describe how the lair was situated within the palace apex and just needed to ‘see it’ on paper as it were.

Some of the scale is probably off and much furniture and elevation in the rooms is lacking. For example, the stripper pole in Sharr Khan‘s lair is inside a recess in the floor. Also another couch is missing from in front of it.

It was actually that very large bathroom which sort of brought about this whole thing. Yes, I’ve a scene in the bathroom. Take that Sci-Fi tropes!!! ;)