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This Is Almost Driving Me To Read Enders Game…


Almost. Well, aside from the fact that I can’t overcome my strong desire to punch Ender Wiggins that is.

Noted Bigots Superman Story Shelved After Artist Bows Out

You know, one doesn’t have to agree with Orson Scott Card about a social issue. I mean there are probably more than a hundred writers/artists/actors with whom I disagree with on a number of things, yet I really try to separate that from their artwork. If I didn’t both my reading and movie going would be reduced to nil, particularly from among my mainstream “professional” choices.

Once again, it is those who would cry censorship at the slightest indication someone doesn’t let them have a platform from which to speak who end up calling for those they disagree with to be silenced. And they style themselves champions of ‘free speech and thought’ which makes it all the worse.

I can’t get past the snide, holier than thou tone of the article either. Which is par for the course of ‘the enlightened’ (read hard sarcasm) among us.

Screaming bigot is akin to screaming racist when one wants to shut down those holding different views these days.

Would such demands be made of a devout Muslim writer  putting out a Superman book? I’m pretty sure Islam is umm a tad bit more strident on the topic of homosexuality than are the Mormons. Why do I doubt the same reaction in that case?

You know I’d considered posting on this when the whole Orson Scott Card/Superman thing blew up, but I let it go, it wasn’t until I saw that headline turn up in my Facebook newsfeed when I finally had enough.

As I’ve stated before,  book two in my Neo-human series is a great deal more ‘political’. There’s specifically a plot line dealing with Princess Sitara likely not to sit very well with some people. More over, I make the Muslim prophet into what amounts to  a robot. I have a feeling some people might be offended. But to have written the book any way other than what I did would have been disingenuous on my part, nor true to my way of thinking. All I can is thank God for Smashwords, and Amazon Kindle so I didn’t need to fight for a green light in order to go with those plot points…

Oh to be clear. DC Comics has the right to hire or fire whomever they desire. But they had to know Orson Scott Card’s views on this topic when they decided to have him write this Superman story. It’s not as if he were keeping them secret. One must assume they liked whatever pitch he gave them for DC Comics to originally have hired him.

The lesson here seems to be: Don’t think the way we want you to, you are not going to be allowed to express yourself. So why not next demand his publisher let him go?

Addendum: For clarity. Orson Scott Card is still on the job (though it is shelved) and the artist quit because of the ‘media attention’ attached to this story. But it amounts to soft censorship all the same. The works been shelved. I would be surprised if it ever gets un-shelved.

*Writing all of this I considered not posting it…

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)
    March 6, 2013 at 8:12 am

    This is making me glad that I know absolutely nothing about the controversy.

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